The Jingles, A Revolution in English Pronunciation Therapy
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Training Courses for the Elite

For that segment of the population who are economically, socially, and professionally a cut above the rest, Steve Walker and his staff offer cutting edge quality in services that cater to the special needs of the rich, gifted, and famous. Our training system has gained such renown that other high quality training institutes often farm their highest level clients over to us.

Elite Training is conducted at venues selected by our clients.;
Jingles instructors (including Mr. Walker himself) are prepared to administer training at the location your choice.

We recommend our special services to the following people:
・Company Excutives
・Political Figures

In addition, Mr. Walker and his staff always accommodate people with the following special needs;

  • training at designated locations,
  • no time for self-training,
  • lessons at odd-hours of the day or night,
  • flexibility in both time and location of training,
  • training both in-company and at-home (either within or outside metropolitan areas anywhere in the world)
  • complete privacy for Jingles sessions
  • confidentiality regarding the fact that they receive Jingles training


Jingles training is definitely for people who wish to sound as good as they possibly can when speaking English. People who travel extensively need to have complete confidence when it comes to speaking English and being able to catch the various types of English spoken by those people with whom they come into contact. They can do this by undergoing Jingles training. Our training system fulfills the needs of people who seek success in all things. It is indispensable for people whose work is of an international nature.

Following are five examples of such people and how Jingles training has enriched their lives.

1 : COO of a Global Corporation

  • Reason for Undergoing Jingles Training :
    Wished to improve his pronunciation due to complaints from American and British people he videoconferenced with.
  • General Format of This Client’s Courses :
    Takes 15-minute sessions on the phone every day — even during overseas business trips.
    When it is convenient for him, an instructor visits the company and gives him Jingles training for 90 minutes.

2 : Head of Asia-Pacific Region Investment Bank

  • Reason for Undergoing Jingles Training :
    Although he can carry on English conversations with ease, he is unsure of his pronunciation accuracy – and of the impression it makes on his listeners – when he addresses groups of people. He seeks to bring his pronunciation to a level “at or near perfection”.
  • General Format of This Client’s Courses :
    Takes 60-minute private sessions twice a month in the comfort of his office, its windows offering a beautiful view of the Tokyo skyline, with Mt. Fuji in the background. Our instructors provide serious, fruitful training during the sessions at this location.

3 : Medical Doctor Who Serves as the Administrator of a Health Care Corporation

  • Reason for Undergoing Jingles Training :
    People in the United States experienced great difficulty trying to catch what he was saying during various presentations – as well as in post-presentation question-and-answer sessions.
  • General Format of This Client’s Courses :
    This client receives combined in-company and in-school sessions, at his convenience. He averages two sessions per month. However, prior to departing on overseas business trips or delivering presentations, he takes extra sessions a few days prior to his departure for overseas (or prior to giving his presentation, whichever the case may be).

4 : Corporate Executive

  • Reason for Undergoing Jingles Training :
    This client often finds it necessary to deliver short speeches in English. He knows that since the speeches are short, then the pronunciation he uses when giving them could potentially tarnish his company’s image. Although this executive is not particularly adept at speaking English, he has, through Jingles training, gained the ability to make his short English speeches sound very presentable.
  • General Format of This Client’s Courses :
    This executive does not want anyone in his company to know that he is taking any pronunciation therapy sessions. Therefore, he always has in-school sessions, with complete confidentiality.

5 : Professional Jazz Singer

  • Reason for Undergoing Jingles Training :
    This singer often gives concerts and records songs in studios. She realizes that to do well in the U.S. she needs to develop her English pronunciation further.
  • General Format of This Client’s Courses :
    She has her Jingles sessions twice a month, in the privacy of our school

How to Apply For Jingles Training

1 : Make an appointment for counseling and a trial session.
2 : Based on the instructor’s evaluation and the prospective client’s reasons for deveoping his or her pronunciation, a course of study is proposed.
3 : The course then begins.


Initial registation Fee : ¥52,500

Course A

1 session : 60min. 3 months (3 sessions/month) ¥245,000
6 months (3 sessions/month) ¥490,000

Course B

1 session : 90min. 3 months (2 sessions/month) ¥240,000
6 months (2 sessions/month) ¥480,000
*Training fees will vary depending on the numbers of sessions and contents of the course.
*Training periods are flexible.
*Transportation will be charged.
*Long-distance commutes by instructors are subject to an additional charge for time spent traveling.


All sessions are taught either by Steve Walker or one of his executive instructors.

Available Session Hours

Weekdays / 9:00-22:00
Sat. Sun. & National Holidays / Upon request

Contact us:
81-3-6228-5781 ( Weekdays / 10:30-18:30 )
Ask for Ms.Shirao