The Jingles, A Revolution in English Pronunciation Therapy
英語発音矯正・英語学校  ザ ジングルズ


iPhone App : English Pronunciation Therapy

English Pronunciation Therapy Vol.1-6

Category: Education
Release: 2010/11/14
Languages: English, Japanese

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later

The Essence of English: Pronunciation!

English Pronunciation Therapy
The Jingles: “The Final Word in English Pronunciation Therapy”

Even in this age of computerization and the Internet, the essence of English remains in HOW IT SOUNDS.

Acquiring a nativelike command of English pronunciation through “English Pronunciation Therapy” will allow you to sound like the expert, the problem solver, the leader that you are!

And the Essential Thing for English Pronunciation: Muscle Training!

● “English Pronunciation Therapy” is a scientifically designed physical training program for improving your English pronunciation, speaking, and listening comprehension abilities.

● Practicing one sentence daily can help you develop your English aural and oral skills — physically and systemically.

Features of this APP

  • After only a few months working with this system you will suddenly realize that there are no longer any “pesky little words” that bother you. You see, this system is air tight. It covers everything — and you don’t have to practice 1,000,000 different words to utilize it.
  • You can choose either “slow” or “fast” speeds. But remember: “Accuracy first, not speed!”
  • Based on standard U.S. pronunciation, but with sections that cover England and Australian English as well. Four native speakers help you train.
  • Use the “record” function to check your daily production and improvement.

You will surely enjoy following your development — and if you stick to the program for even a couple of months, your English will sound the most beautiful it has ever sounded!

Areas of English Pronunciation Development Covered in these Six Volumes

  • Volume 1: Emphasis is on the s/z, W/R, and the voiceless “th”/voiced “th” gestures.
  • Volumes 2&3: Detailed work with both th/th/t/D/N/L/ch/j and s/z/h/y/uR/uW; also, thorough work with the 6 gestures _D, _V, _z, _Dz, _Vz. _VD introduced in Volume 1.
  • Volumes 4&5: Here, with the key gestures having already been covered, the remaining consonant and vowel gestures – as well as all pacing, loudness, prosodic, and dialect differentiating gestures are presented and drilled.
  • Volume 6: In this last volume, the skills you have developed working with the first five volumes coalesce into a framework that will allow you to give effective presentations, attention riveting speeches, and professional face to face/online exchanges.