The Jingles, A Revolution in English Pronunciation Therapy
英語発音矯正・英語学校  ザ ジングルズ


The Jingles, created and developed by applied linguist Steve Walker, are a system for muscle training which leads to improved pronunciation of English. The Jingles consist of a set of carefully arranged English sound combinations which have proved to be extremely beneficial in helping people whose native language is not English develop the speech motor skills necessary to produce English which is either close to or identical to the pronunciation of native speakers of English.

What are The Jingles ?

Who Needs The Jingles?

What are The Jingles

Do you need to compete on an equal footing with native speakers of English? If you are, then The Jingles are for YOU!



The JINGLES® offers various courses and curricula, depending on your pronunciation level and needs.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Failure is not tolerated in the world of business. Let The Jingles help you foster excellence in the English of your employees so that they can better compete in today’s business milieu.

Cient Endorsements

Client Endorsements

The Jingles provide native speakers of any and all languages with a means to develop nativelike English pronunciation. Here are some comments from satisfied Jingles clients.
To attempt to grasp the essence of any culture other than one’s own is a daunting project. However, there is a means to bridge that gap…. language. Our first efforts to communicate are not through writing or drawing, not through music or mathematics.

They are cries for help, for food, for understanding. The cries we make as babies take form and become language…
The Jingles were created in response to cries for help from many people, most of them adults.

These people had been seeking a means to communicate clearly with other people all over the world. The Jingles are a network which serves as a bridge to span cultural gaps. By mastering the Jingles, people can foster mutual understanding and respect. If more mutual understanding and respect result from the Jingles, then the mission of Steve Walker, The Jingles creator, will have been fulfilled.

Steve Walker